backlight1.pngYou're up past your bedtime and you just want to play your GameBoy in Back Light, an adorable game made for the GameBoy Jam by Kyle "Supajackle" Templeton. Since your handheld console lacks the titular design innovation, you have to run about your house and find available lightsources to use.

The goal is to find a lit lamp, then stand under it to play your GameBoy and increase your happiness meter. When the lamp flickers and goes out, an indicator will direct you to the next active lamp. At any moment, your mom could emerge from behind a closed door--and if she catches you, it's lights out! Your game will also end if you let your happiness meter run out.

It feels like a survival horror game as you rush from one lightsource to the next, stalked by a relentless nemesis, trying to restore your sanity.

Back Light is playable in your browser. If you find yourself squinting at the miniscule dimensions of the original version (the image above is much bigger), I recommend playing the 2X version.