bricksmash1.pngBRICK[bricksmash]SMASH is the latest brilliant, free game from Alan Hazelden, AKA Draknek (creator of These Robotic Hearts of Mine). It does for Breakout what Noyb's Metapong did for Pong. The game is easy to grasp, but incredibly challenging to play.

The basics are familiar: Use the mouse to move your paddle and keep the ball from hitting the bottom of the play area. Smash all of the bricks to win. But this is where things get complicated. Each time the ball makes contact with one of the 16 colorful bricks, you begin a tiny brick-breaking game within the one you hit. If you hit the same brick again, you'll enter another little ball into play. Every brick you hit will start another mini-game. You have to break all of the mini-bricks to smash the brick that houses them.

You control every active paddle simultaneously, forcing you to split your attention between what could potentially be many different balls. A big brick will be smashed when you break the last mini-brick inside it, which rewards you with another big ball. Of course, this makes you split your focus even further. Do well and things can get crazy pretty quickly. Once the last big ball gets past your paddle, you have to start over.

BRICK[bricksmash]SMASH is mindbendingly fun and playable in your browser.