dubstepdungeons.PNGThe more quality browser-based distractions there are to help break up a work day the better. Josh Riley's Dubstep Dungeons is a top-down shooter with enough to offer that you might want to consider adding it to your rotation. The only real catch is that there doesn't appear to be any dubstep in the soundtrack.

Your mission is simple: Pilot your circle to the blinking box and move on to the next level. The enemy shapes floating around the levels won't make it easy for you, though. Triangles fire bullets at you, while other, more ship-like enemies fire devastating beams in your direction. You also have access to firepower, however, so direct your attack with the cursor and shoot to kill. Eliminating enemies is not required, but it does net you more points.

Each stage is procedurally generated, so you may have to press space to crash through walls if the exit is located behind them. This can also double as an attack, which is especially useful if you find yourself out numbered or in any other sort of sticky situation where you need to kill enemies quickly. You won't always escape successfully, as the game is pretty good at wearing your life to zero. While a retry is only a click away, be careful not to let your boss catch you playing.