holdsbard1.pngNo Holds, Bard! by Malcolm Brown is short, sweet, and funky. Inspired by a long Peter Molyneux quote in which he compares a sword to a conductor's baton, No Holds, Bard! is best described as a hybrid of hack'n'slash and rhythm game. The version assembled for MolyJam runs only two levels, but I think the gameplay in this little romp is fun and interesting enough to sustain many more.

Your goal is to capture all of the strongholds on the map, and a bunch of goblins are standing in your way. When you make contact with one of these enemies, you enter into rhythm-based combat with them. Your swordfighting interface is a bar with sword and shield icons sliding along it, pulsing to the beat of the music. When a sword icon is on the glowing line, hit Z or the left muse button to make a successful attack. Press X or the right mouse button when a shield's on the line to defend. Stay on the beat and you'll be chopping up goblins with ease.

No Holds, Bard! was made in Unity, and you can play it in your browser or download a build for Mac or Windows.