conspicu1.pngCONspicuous, by a quartet of Dutch developers and artists, is based on the Peter Molyneux quote "I have to be careful what I say, there are PR policemen in the audience with sniper rifles," but it doesn't interpret it as literally as a few other MolyJam games did. You are a government agent staking out a gaming convention and you have been informed that someone in the crowd is about to engage in some illegal activity.

The SWAT team's going to take the place down regardless, so you have two minutes to eavesdrop and identify the criminal. Little dialogue balloons pop up above groups of con-goers, and if you click one, you can see a close-up of the group and to listen to their conversation. You can pass judgement by clicking the big, red Arrest button. Don't be too hasty! A conversation about playing the new Call of Duty or about transporting LARPing gear can sound a lot like something much more nefarious.

Afterwards, you'll get a rundown of how things went for your suspects. You'll find out what a search of their homes turned up and what charges were filed, and you might even get medal for your performance.

You can play CONspicuous in your browser or download builds for Windows, Mac, and Linux from the game's MolyJam page.