taleoftwomaps.png"Mini-maps are shit. They're shit because you make these multimillion-dollar games, and people play them staring at these little dots." - developer Peter Molyneux's words, which served as inspiration for puzzler A Tale of Two Maps. You will spend some time looking at a mini-map, but you'll also look at the main map and the silly narrative found in neither map while trying to reach the street-level exit of each stage.

The goal takes using both maps together, as each has information to help the other. You take the main level stairs down to the underground; however, you have to first rearrange the dingy, underground pathways to make sure you can resurface closer to your ultimate goal.

A Tale of Two Maps is playable on Kongregate and is the entry of Eli Brody, Gal Pasternak, Idan Egozy, Sam Wagner, and Na'ama Hallakoun.