offtowork1.pngOff to Work We Go is Barte Bonte's (Factory Balls, 14 Locks) stunning entry in the No Future Contest, and it's a wordless, sinister little 1st-person puzzle game with a whopper of an ending. On what might be your first day at a mysterious new job, or just the result of drifting at sea, you find yourself on a desert island and head towards the factory-like building ahead. Here and there, you pass a space invader partially buried in the sand (yes, the ones from the classic game, but in three dimensions).

Gaining access to the structure is the first puzzle. Once you're inside, there's a short series of puzzles to solve, each one getting you further into the building and closer to finding out what kind of "work" is done at this place. In the end, whether you take it all as a metaphor or just a surreal short story is up to you.

You can play Off to Work We Go in your browser.