realitypuz4.pngREALiTY is a short, 3-D puzzle game based on a dream. The puzzles themselves may be fairly straightforward (once you figure out what it is you have to do), but the game is rich with atmosphere and meaning. It's a poem in the form of a puzzle game, and a very personal game for its developer, Juan Afonso of Clairvoyance Games.

You play as a child who has either just fallen asleep or is about to--or is in a hypnagogic state somewhere in between. No instructions are given, but the first puzzle is finding an exit in the shadows of the room. From there, you progress through 4 more scenes, each one a new metaphor containing a new puzzle to solve. The interface is simple: Move with the arrow keys or WASD and jump with the spacebar--or just use an Xbox 360 controller.

You can play REALiTY in your browser. If you get stuck, the developer offers a one-word hint for each level: "Learning, Conventions, Discard, Reach, Free".