smartphoneplane1.pngHave you ever wondered what might happen if you used your smartphone on a plane? Well, now you can find out without putting the lives of your fellow passengers at risk. Smartphones on a Plane, a MolyJam entry from Philip Wagner and Malte Buttjer, takes the following quote from inveterate risk-taker Peter Molyneux as its inspiration: "I thought, if this crashes the plane, me turning my phone on, so be it."

It's really more of a digital toy, or perhaps a simulation, than a traditional game. It was also the most immediately gratifying of the first batch of MolyJam games I played. Use the mouse to control your finger and operate your smartphone. You can check your messages or the weather, change your settings, or even play a minigame called "Quest", among other things. But is it worth it? Just "slide to unlock" and find out!

You can play Smartphones on a Plane in your browser.