snakeman.jpgErik Krisztián Varga's Snakeman is a puzzle platformer that requires you to essentially play two games at once. You must observe the rules of Snake while controlling the serpent (no running into bad objects or yourself) and the rules of the basic platformer, maneuvering the man to the cave exits in 50 levels. Along the way, you'll encounter obstacles that the man, the snake, or both must avoid and objects that one or the other has to interact with to progress.

Snakeman is perfectly playable with one or two players. The snake itself feels like it lags a bit and generally moves slowly, but I suppose that's so the focus can be on the man.

Play a few levels of Snakeman on Kongregate or GameJolt and see if you like the blending of the genres, or create your levels and share the level editor code here for everyone to try!