soteria1.pngStencyl-master Folmer Kelly has struck again with Soteria, a simple but absorbing action game created for the GameBoy Jam. Kelly's slick and typically minimalist style is a natural fit for the graphical restrictions of 8-bit consoles, and you can really see him having fun in this mode (see also Steel Novella 2083 and Handheld Video Game). Soteria is a tricky top-down shooter where you move from room to room blasting and bombing aliens.

Bombs make great weapons and come in handy blowing up doors, but can be your worst enemy if you're too slow and find yourself inside one's blast radius. Aliens make their own explosions, when dispatched by bomb or by bullet, which should keep you from firing at point blank range. In most cases, you don't actually have to kill everything to progress to the next room, so avoidance can be an option.

There is some randomization in the layout of the rooms and the number of enemies in each, so you have to be ready for anything each time you re-enter the maze. Throw in a spare but nifty sci-fi amnesia plot and Soteria is a win.

I would have totally played this on my GameBoy if I could have. You can play it now in your browser.