turn based breakout.pngCardinal Quest developer Tametick has delivered a Molyjam entry that lives up to its name. Turn Based Breakout has you plan out your moves in five second intervals, trying to clear the bricks as in the classic Breakout and Arkanoid. However, it becomes less a matter of twitch-skill reaction and all about geometric foresight.

I found myself tracing and then measuring the trajectory with a flat object against the screen to pick my next moves. I guess my right-angle eye isn't what it used to be when I played Puzzle Bobble/Bust a Move.

Thanks for making me interact with your game, Mr. Tametick! I'd certainly play Turn Based Breakout again in the future if a more juiced version ever appears. Heck, I'm going to go back to playing it now!

[source: Ido Yehieli on Facebook]