The great, frozen wasteland of Antarctica has proven itself a great source for horror. One viewing of The Thing will showcase how terrifying it can be. Developer Rain Pohlak is channeling the spirit of the world's southernmost continent, mixing it with pure evil and releasing it as Dark Antarctic, a 2D horror game that's not afraid to paint the walls red.

The game begins at Leningradskaya station, where werewolf, occultist Nazis have made a pact with Lucifer to resurrect The Third Reich. It's up to you to search the halls of the installation and eliminate any and all unnatural creatures you find. You'll often use your bare hands in combat, sometimes lifting enemies over your head, ripping them in half. There are other weapons as well, like a knife which can be used to dice the undead up. It's dark, disturbing and unsettlingly gory, just the way a horror game should be.

Dark Antarctic is available right now for Windows through the game's website for $6.66. The 666th customer to purchase the game will receive the Lucifer Edition of the game, which comes with a special chainsaw animation to take zombies apart with.