The retro stylings of developer Joymasher should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with 2012's Oniken. They're at it again with Odallus: The Dark Call, an 8-bit-inspired action game with deep medieval influences.

The demo, available to download for free, does a fantastic job showcasing Odallus' classic feel. It plays like classic Castlevania and ActRaiser fell into a non-linear blender, though Ghosts 'n' Goblins and Demon's Crest have been cited as inspiration as well. Special emphasis is being put on exploration, and players will find new gear to utilize should they fully explore the many paths presented to them. There will be five areas to comb through and large bosses to defeat during your quest to prevent a dark lord from obtaining the Ultimate Power.

Joymasher has launched an Indiegogo campaign for the game, which is set to release in mid-2014. A Steam Greenlight page has been set up for the game as well.