Programmer Jim Shepard (Star Wars: The Old Republic) is polishing up his first indie project, the roguelike Dungeonmans, and is looking for support via Kickstarter to make his heroic adventure shine. Traditional dungeon crawling and even RPG fans may enjoy its perma-death challenge, large maps full of colorful 2D sprites, and tactical battles. Additionally, the game's Academy home base allows for storing loot and for future heroes to receive some "knowledge and power" from those fallen.

Yes, the idea of being stronger the next time around sounds a little reminiscent of the recent Rogue Legacy. However, it should be noted that Jim's been working on Dungeonmans since 2010.

Presently only a Windows alpha demo of Dungeonmans exists with XNA needed to run it, as Windows is the primary PC target at a funding goal of $35,000. If the Kickstarter reaches $75,000, Jim will provide Linux and Mac versions. A $10 pledge nets a PC download and Steam key, if applicable.

If you're undecided about throwing down some cash for the Kickstarter, Dungeonmans could use help getting votes via Steam Greenlight.

[Thanks, Jimmy F.]