The multiple award-winning documentary Indie Game: The Movie is back with two new, expanded versions of the film releasing on July 24 for digital and physical movie collectors. First up is the special edition DLC for $4.99, which comes with 100+ minutes of new short films (which includes Derek Yu's Spelunky, Jason Rohrer's Passage), epilogues & 'What Happened After?', new Team Meat commentary (on the short film anthology), and new directors commentary. The standard movie is currently $2.99 during Steam's sale, and the DLC will be available through Steam as well as directly from the film makers.

The Special Edition Box Sets on DVD ($59) and Blu-Ray ($69) are limited to 3,000 copies of each and is packaged with artwork by Edmund McMillen. The box set will provide 10 hours content, which will include the following:

- Deleted Scenes
- New Team Meat Commentary (on the short film anthology, Epilogues & Deleted Scenes)
- Making Of Featurette: 'Indie Game: Behind The Movie'
- Discussion and Q&A with the full 'Cast & Crew' of IGTM
- Post Screening Director Q & A
- Extended Interviews
- Limited Edition of 3,000 DVDs and 3,000 Blu-Ray sets

The prices of limited edition physical copies above reflect a pre-order discount of $10 to $20, so be sure to act on those before the film's July 24 release date to secure the savings.