The Indie Showcase at this weekend's Evo 2013 is housing some pretty promising titles this year. While the games are being shown off in a fighting game tournament and even contain elements concurrent with the genre, there seems to be less of a need for them to be fighters, instead requiring them to simply be fun, competitive, or combo-oriented.

Treachary in Beatdown City from NuChallenger is an NES-style beat-em up in the vein of River City Ransom and Double Dragon. The developer refers to this Playstation Mobile title as a tactical brawler, and likens the entire genre to being one-player fighting games.

Ouya standout Towerfall is in attendance. Its status as a competitive four-player archery platformer is a fighting game in the same way Super Smash Bros. is. It seems like developer Matt Thorson has put a lot of work into the mechanics, allowing for wall jumping, slide dashing and even deflections.

Samurai Gunn looks like it plays incredibly similar to Towerfall, but instead of a bow and arrow you use swords and guns to take out your opponents. Special care was taken to avoid turning guns into press-a-button-to-win, allowing savvy players the chance to deflect bullets back at the shooter.

Rounding out the new inclusions is Super Space ___ (pronounced Super Space Blank). It's being billed by the developers as a "competitive cooperative shared fate shooter". Players control one of four turrets on a ship individually, but must work together to direct its movement.

Several games return from last year, as well. Check out Shoryuken's website to see which ones.

[via Shoryuken]