My boys in blue are back in two fantastic freeware games that would make their NES and Genesis creators proud, even though neither game is restricted to those hardware specifications. First up is Megaman Unlimited, released today for Windows, after roughly 5 years of development. It's Megaman, with his slide ability, no charge shot, and creative level design, brought to you by Jean-Simon Brochu, Gabriel Leblanc, Kevin Phetsomphou, Yan Thouin and Philippe Poulin. After such a wonderful recreation, I hope these or other developers step up with a 2D fan game for Megaman X next.

Released a month ago, but still fine to the taste (as spotted by Free Indie Games), is the stunning 16-bit tribute Sonic After the Sequel by LakeFeperd. In a similar vein to his Sonic Before the Sequel, this instead shows what happened after Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and plays just as tightly (even if slightly less challenging). The soundtrack especially is not something I have ever heard so clearly in a Genesis game, but it definitely rocks.

Sonic After the Sequel should tied fans over until Sonic Chrono Adventure (below) is released, which promises time travel, a deeper story, cut scenes and fan characters.