evrydaywrkn1.pngThe first of French developer Rémy Sohier's two entries in the No Future Contest is the experimental, satirical Everyday I'm Working. It takes place on a single screen divided into six panels. Each panel requires you to press certain arrow keys in order to perform a task. The initial actions are menial job functions, but as you progress, you begin to see the darker side of each job and 6 little stories emerge (or is it one big narrative?)

Everyday I'm Working is also a musical toy. Every key press adds a new loop to the soundtrack, and if you divorce your keystrokes from what the characters are doing onscreen, you can proceed as if you're playing an abstract rhythm game (though you don't have to actually match the rhythm to proceed). As the music becomes more frantic, the action becomes more sinister and darkly comic.

This game contains pixelated sex and violence, so be warned. It will take you only a few short minutes to play. You can download Everyday I'm Working for Windows.