publoffic1.pngRémy Sohier's second entry to the No Future Contest was inspired by You Have to Win the Game, by glitching NES games, and by the developer's own trouble finding important papers. Public Official (Fonctionnaire) is a longer game than Everyday I'm Working, and it's presentation and gameplay are completely different-- though it does share a retro flavor with Sohier's first entry. Public Official is a 2-D exploration platformer in the style of an 8-bit game (specifically, a glitchy NES cartridge that no amount of blowing could save).

You're the eponymous public functionary and you have to explore the labyrinth that is the basement of City Hall in search of 4 lost documents. It's a little metroidvanian in that each document gives you a new ability, which enables you to acquire the next document. You move with the left and right arrow keys and jump with the space bar, and when you get the ability to shoot, you do that with Left Alt (or you can use an Xbox controller).

It may not be apparent how the glitching works, so you should know that a new glitch appears every time you proceed to a new screen and every time you die. Furthermore, there is a limit of 60 glitches; after that, you have to start over completely. One more thing: Once you get all 4 documents, you have to return to where you started to win the game.

Download Public Official for Windows.