gulagpar1.pngGulag Paradise, made for the No Future Contest by Braingale member Armel Gibson (developer of MOSHIMOSHI), is a typing game with a bizarre story and five different endings to discover. In an email, the developer said the gulag is a "camp for people in need of some strong emotions." I'm not sure if it's a punishment or a vacation, but one way or another you've been signed up for a week long stay there.

The game occurs over five cold, Siberian days in the gulag. Each day, the camp overlord asks you to smash some rocks. Presumably this is some kind of therapy. As rocks scroll across the screen, you smash them by typing the words displayed over each one (things like "tears", "slavery", and "despair"). The last letter of one word can also count as the first letter of the next word, and if two rocks appear on the screen showing the same word, you can smash them both at once. If you hit the wrong key while typing a word, you'll have to start the word again, or move on to another word as that one disappears off the left side of the screen.

Occasionally you'll have a decision to make. Your actions and your performance during the rock-smashing sessions will determine which of the 5 endings you experience on the final day. Gibson's art is simple but stellar, and the sunset-hued colors he uses give the sometimes frantic gameplay a relaxing feel.

If your typing skills are decent, this game won't take you long to play through. Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit Gulag Paradise. Download Gulag Paradise for Windows or Mac. The game is in English, but supports both QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards.