invadinvad1.pngVeteran indie developer Arvi "Hempuli" Teikari took some time off from Environmental Station Alpha and Officer Alfred to make a new game for the No More Sweden jam. INVADER INVADER is a playable but unfinished prototype with an irresistible hook: You fight giant space invaders, one at a time, destroying them from the inside out.

You begin with your ship facing an invader across the void of space. You can press Enter to generate a different one or proceed with the assault. When you see one you'd like to kill, press Space to begin your approach. Maneuver your ship with WASD and use the mouse to aim and shoot.

Take out turrets while avoiding their fire, find a nice angle, and drill through the invader's hull (flesh?) with your cannon to take out the computer terminals and alien bits embedded within. You can shoot over dark patches and fly through empty areas. Unlike your canon fire, alien bullets pass right through walls. Five hits and you're done for.

Once you've blown up everything inside the invader, there's nothing else to do at this point except start again and generate a new enemy, but it's a great concept and a fun challenge that I hope is developed further. INVADER INVADER is a free download for Windows.