time squid.pngLazy Brain Games' Windows freeware game Time Squid spans over 70 quick stages that put the pressure on you to get to the exit without getting hit and before the timer runs out. Here, "par" equals the amount of lives it should take you to clear each stage. Along with avoiding collisions with deadly enemies and traps, there are buttons to press, missiles to divert, and portals to leap through.

I found myself getting stuck on some corners, but overall the mistakes were my own. The final stage is a clever use of some of the mechanics in an entirely new way, making me wish for a few more stages like it. Lastly, I should note the music was created by our own writer Anthony Swinnich, but don't hold that against Lazy Brain (joke). It's a pleasant chiptune, but unfortunately it's only one tune for almost the whole game. Give Time Squid a go, and feel free to 'ignore' any error message that pops up upon launch. I played through just fine.