Developer Niall Moody sent word that he's released the final version of his excellent game, So Many Jagged Shards. The game was started as an entry for the 2013 7DRL competition, but it's retained only traces of its roguelike roots. It's an abstract action game about finding your way and squeezing through tight spaces. The procedurally generated levels (as well as every other graphic) are made up of flat-shaded triangles that resemble mazes of shattered stained glass.

It's your goal to stay alive and find the black vortex that serves as the exit of each level. You can use one of the three default avatars or create your own with the included editor. Navigate the maze using the mouse and activate various power-ups with a click. You can select a power-up to use with the number keys. Enemies will obstruct your way and chase you, stealing one of your three hearts if they touch you. You can't fight back; you can only avoid them. Power-ups are used not to fight enemies, but to manipulate the walls of the maze around you. Depending on how you play the game (cautiously, aggressively, etc.), you will ultimately reach one of 5 different final levels. The game's soundtrack is unique to each playthrough, being generated in real-time based on your movements.

So Many Jagged Shards is free and open source. You can download it for Windows , Mac, or Linux.