exper12.pngExperiment 12 is a 12-chapter collaboration from 12 prominent indie developers, each providing one chapter in this multi-genre collection for Windows. Terry Cavanagh, Ian Snyder, Jack King-Spooner, Zaratustra, Richard Perrin, Michael Brough, Robert Yang, Alan Hazelden, TheBlackMask, Jasper Byrne, Jake Clover, and Benn Powell all contributed.

While you can jump to your favorite indie dev's chapter immediately (and start a chapter by hitting the space bar), you'll miss out on the narrative that seems woven between them and the "experiments" which transition from a side-scrolling platformer to a top-down, seizure-inducer and one-dimensional first person explorer; to something very Brough-like, and more.

I'm burning the almost-midnight oil here, but I wanted to share this with everyone, for now. Our own Paul Hack got the tip on this one and is going to dive deeper into this collaboration and possibly post more impressions in the coming days.

Dive in to Experiment 12 here, but be warned, this one is NSBB (not safe before bed).