Lioness is the latest game from the mind of Zak Ayles, the developer who recently brought us PUNKSNOTDEAD. This project is an attempt to expand storytelling in adventure games by exploring the concept of self, and what would happen if we changed decisions we made in the past.

Your character's interactions with the people around him is a focal point in the gameplay. As a journalist, you're investigating the mysterious disappearances of seven people. Your progression through the game's urban landscape will present problems to solve and introduce you to many interesting characters. The plot somehow involves time travel, though there are no clear details yet on what that entails.

If all goes according to plan, Lioness will be released in seven episodes, or "sessions" that will further explain the elements that make up the game's world. Those who pledge at least $7 to the Lioness Kickstarter will receive seven additional and exclusive games from the Braingale Collective. The estimated delivery on Kickstarter is August 2013, though there's no official release date for the first episode as of yet.

[via Brandon Boyer's Twitter]