Kyttaro Games, of which our own Gnome is a part, has released its sci-fi, stop-motion animated, action puzzler Droidscape: Basicila this week. The gameplay is split in two main parts: tracing a path for the robot to follow through deadly mazes and using a slider to speed the character forward or backward through the path.

Kyttaro has also deployed a rather accessible, experimental mode for iPhone 4S+, iPad 2+ owners. Using "HeadTwister" technology, the front-facing camera of those newer devices allows for hands-free head-tracking. OIder model phones can still play the game using touch-based controls.

Also of note, fans of hand-made models will want to check out Droidscape's Facebook page, showcasing the game being molded into life.

The sketches in the beginning of the video and the music is rather epic, too, might I add! So be sure to click on the trailer above and see the game and Gnome in action. Droidscape: Basilica is on sale now for $1 for iOS, and an Android version is said to be in the works.