It is safe to say that the latest contender for the twitch-arcade crown, Goscurry, has so far impressed me beyond measure, as it continues to evolve from its early browser-based version we wrote about in April. Interestingly, Goscurry is still being developed and is now available for pre-purchase for $4.50 with immediate access to the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The latest build contains a new Speedfreak-only mode, which is shown in the trailer above.

Now, I obviously do not know whether the crown will be its to hand on its wall, but I can tell you the thing has for now made me put everything else aside. Its pace, its tougness, its 3D visuals that despite their shininess retain a decidedly retro feel, its excellent controls and its taxing difficulty, make Goscurry a true modern arcade game that will frustrate and deeply reward you in equal measures.