Today, Deconstructeam launched a new indiegogo campaign to expand their well-received survival-adventure / sci-fi morality play Gods Will Be Watching into a full-length, commercial game release. The new game will retain the gorgeous pixel art style and point'n'click, life-and-death decision-making gameplay of the original while expanding just about everything in scope.

There will be 6 levels, each one featuring a new location, dire situation, and set of moral dilemmas. Survival and morality may often be at odds, and Gods Will Be Watching plays around in this delicious grey area. In this game, there are no good and evil decisions, only choices that increase or decrease your chances of survival.

The new version will use cinematics and dialogue to explore the dark background of the Gods Will Be Watching universe. There's a twisty plot involving the Everdusk Company and the Xenolifer "bioterrorists". Once again, you take control of Sergeant Burden and contend with a variety of factors that must be kept in balance in order for anyone to survive the current crisis.

There is also the empathy system, whereby all of your decisions affect the emotional well-being of everyone under your charge. And if things aren't too tough for you already, you can even add extra, optional challenges (for example, "don't use any ammo").

The final game will be available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, with the official release date currently targeted for February of 2014. You can pledge your support, and assure yourself of a copy, on the Gods Will Be Watching indiegogo page.

If you haven't done so already, you can play the original version in your browser. It was made for Ludum Dare 26, and now serves as a prototype for the expanded remake. It's brutal and absolutely riveting.