Diversity is quickly becoming one of Klei's greatest strengths as a developer. Shank, Mark of the Ninja and Don't Starve are all vastly different games, and that's just a few of the titles they've put out. Their newly-revealed Incognita takes things in yet another direction: turn-based tactical espionage.

Klei is going to follow the same model that helped build Don't Starve, allowing the community to play early builds and offer feedback to help shape the final game. Players will find that "information is power," Klei told RockPaperShotgun in an interview. Levels will be procedurally generated, though the developer has not yet revealed much else about the gameplay.

The alpha is scheduled for a late-summer release, though that could change depending on how development progresses. Incognita is being developed for PC primarily, though an iPad, Mac and Linux versions are planned as well.

[via RockPaperShotgun]