Succumbing to the dreaded chicken-pun syndrome is not necessarily something one can easily avoid, but having to write about a non-Japanese shmup that really works, does make things better, and, well, here are the pun-free news on Humans Must Answer! It's out now, DRM-free for Windows, comes complete with a demo, sports chickens and manages to brilliantly incorporate its outrageous story into the frantic pace of everything.

And did you know that Humans Must Answer is a shooter by former Stalker developers? Well, it is, and despite looking way more colourful than said modern classic, its ships and avians (and backgrounds) look stunning in a radically different way shmup aficionados will appreciate. As for the mechanics of the thing, they may not be groundbreaking, but do manage to provide with subtly innovative ideas that work brilliantly.

Anyway. Here's a space chicken fighting law and order: