Joining the crowdfunding ranks of Indie Game: The Movie and Us and the Game Industry, StudioBento's Kickstarter for GameLoading: Rise Of The Indies seeks $50,000 to finish its worldwide indie game documentary efforts. Developers already featured include Mare Sheppard (N+), Itay Keren (Mushroom 11), and a heavily bearded Alex Bruce (Antichamber). Future interviews are also planned, including the Northways (Incredipede), Jakub Dvorsky (Machinarium), Xra (Memories of a Broken Dimension), DrinkBox Studios (Guacamelee), and Ian Dallas (Unfinished Swan).

The film aims to explore the "exploding subculture of indie game developers around the world. The film takes a personal and holistic look at this international creative community who are disrupting the traditional video games industry."

The documentary also features a bunch of indie-loving mainstream press, though I'm wondering where the Tim W.-type interviews are. I'd love to hear from someone who was deep in the trenches of indies far before they became trendy and landed on mainstream radars. Furthermore, as current press are present, interviews with YouTube Let's Play-ers and Humble Bundle staff would probably help paint a fuller picture of indies' rising (especially their financial success). On that note, I wonder if a Valve/Steam interview would be hard to come by.

All this is to say, the movie directors have plenty of time, until September 2014, to make this stand out from other documentaries. A $15 Kickstarter pledge nets a digital download. For $25, you can also get a digital games bundle, of which we've covered Underrail and Ubinota. I'm curious to see how this one ends up!