Using your hands to play video games is nothing new. Using your hands without pressing buttons is still something of a novelty. The Leap Motion peripheral's ability to sense your hands is undoubtedly going to produce some unique games, something deVoid Games is hoping to prove with OctoRhythm and its thumping beats.

OctoRhythm is populated by four modes, totaling 48 levels in all. Flow requires the player match their hands to the configuration shown on screen to the beat of a song. Sometimes you'll make a fist, sometimes you'll point some fingers, and sometimes you'll need two hands to get the job done. Jo-Ken-Po is Rock-Paper-Scissors, so you need to provide the contrasting configuration to win instead of matching what's shown. Also, it's done to music, so speed is a competing factor as well.

Simon Says and Hardcore both sound like they're for experienced players. The former has you memorize and repeat sequences, while the latter has you memorize the proper sequence to win an epic Rock-Paper-Scissors match. OctoRhythm seems like the kind of game that could instantly convey the capabilities of the controller to anyone who plays it. It's available at Airspace for $2.99 on Windows.