Tribute Games is the latest developer to have their game added to the Early Access program on Steam. Mercenary Kings will be available on July 22, though you can for preorder it now at a price of $15. Early adopters will save $5 before the game "officially" launches, so interested parties who also happen to be price conscious should take note.

Mercenary Kings is a 2D sidescrolling shooter with objective-based levels and multiplayer support for up to four players. Your weaponry can be customized by turning materials found in the levels into new parts. Ever have dreams of combining a shotgun and a sniper rifle? Then this could be the game for you.

Tribute is also going to put the game on the Ouya and the Playstation 4 in the future, though a full release will likely be required as there is no comparable program on those systems as of yet.

[via Tiny Cartridge]