ahoge10.pngThe 10th Ahoge ("stupid game") jam concluded this weekend, producing dozens of bizarre creations under the theme of "neon." First up in my highlights is Kawancha's "100 mega shock," which is worth it to me for the whistle of the Neo Geo boot up jingle alone. Here, you click on one of four Neo Geo carts (which were massive in price and size in real life) and attempt to drop them into the slot. Drop it too far from the center, and a huge explosion occurs from the Earth's core.

In Hojamaka's punishing platformer Neon World, everything has a neon aesthetic. I can't pass the screen-sized mushroom looking creature, so I don't know how long this game goes on for. Use directional keys to move and space bar to shoot.

In the only way to save the world is to break neon poles with your arse by Waken, you must break ten poles in fifteen seconds. To do this, your cheeks must be parallel to the poles before you click to break them (which I believe involves you letting out gas).

Finally, Gobori returns with a rather popular entry called Neon People, which is a puzzler that requires you to mouse-click to rearrange the humans so their arms connect from one end of the plug to another.

For more Gobori goodness, check out the dev's last Ahoge entry, full moon vs humanity, in which you had to use a nail clipper to fling nails at the falling moon. For all of the Ahoge 10 entries, check out the official list.