When developer 24 Caret Games found that its reverse shmup Retro/Grade was selling under what it originally considered to be the "worst case scenario", calling it quits might have been the easiest route to take. While one member of the studio decided to move on, Infinitap Games climbed from an open grave, hoping to take us by the hand and lead us into the darkness with the horrifying Neverending Nightmares.

Infinitap founder Matt Gilgenbach set out to create a horror game based on his own struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression. The game starts as the player wakes up from a terrible dream, only to find themselves in another nightmare altogether. This means the player will always be uneasy about the game's story, continually guessing about what's real, or what may happen next. The decisions they make will ultimately decide how the game ends.

The gameplay hasn't been explicitly detailed yet, but the game is 2D, and it appears to emphasize the exploration of a dark manor during a thunderstorm. How the images of suicide, self-mutilation and murder tie into the gameplay is currently a mystery, as are which platforms the game is coming out on, but Gilgenbach's commitment to really open development means that it's likely that these things won't stay shrouded in mystery for long.

[source: Polygon]