bliss-3.pngBliss is an exploration puzzle platformer being developed on Windows and Mac by the duo that makes up Enlightened Games. Despite the bright and dreamy 3D visuals, Bliss is actually about facing personal darkness.

bliss-2.pngDeveloper Eric Blomquist said he's trying to design a game that "instead of relying on escapism and power fantasies, Bliss will face life head on in a positive way... Bliss is based around the idea that we all go through dark times in our life - sometimes so dark that some don't make it out to the other side."

Eric said that he too had been through "the darkness and back," and he hopes that this game resonates with players. "I want to inspire the players to translate the experience into their own lives and hopefully bring a lasting joy, to connect to people on a human level and remind them how beautiful life actually is!"

bliss-1.pngWhen asked about the art inspiration, Eric replied, "I wanted to focus on how color and shapes effect the way we feel and use that to hopefully inspire certain emotions. I have a lot of fun creating the color palate for the game."

Eric's programming partner is Paul Grunchich. The pair have two contract workers, composer Jonathan Yandel and animator Peter Casey. Work has been steady on the project, preparing the game first for Indiecade and now for IGF.

Eric said he was also interested in getting the game on consoles, and with a tentative release date of 2014, he has a bit of time to pick his platforms. To read more about Bliss, check out the official website.