Ludosity's puzzle adventure game Ittle Dew is now available for $14 for Windows, with your purchase securing a Steam code when it releases in the end of July (also for Mac). I've already invested some time with the gloriously animated (in 1080p) and charmingly written game, pushing a ton of different bricks, setting things on fire, melting ice, and fighting a boss that takes more than flailing my sword. The game is supposedly designed for speedruns, but the world is so gorgeous and the dungeons have multiple paths, just begging me to take every scenic route.

The main character's gender pleasantly snuck up on me, not that I mind. The alarming part for me was how she replenishes her health. Without spoiling it, it made me wonder what other characters do with the 'life hearts' they pick up. It's that kind of light comedy that has made Ittle Dew as much a joy to read as it is to play.

Ittle Dew is only available for Windows now, but OUYA users should be able to get the game soon. Linux, tablet and Wii U users will get their turn later this year.