I wanted to share two rather impressive looking and performing Kickstarter projects before their campaigns ended, each aiming for different classic eras of RPG history. First up above is the 32-bit era inspired (Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, and Persona) J-RPG Soul Saga. The game will not use random battles; rather, it will use an initiation system similar to Chrono Trigger. The turn-based fighting is shown off in early form 5 minutes into the video, and developer Mike Gale describes some battles as being puzzle-based, with multiple layers of defense to break through.

Soul Saga is close to 300% of its goal and is heading to Windows, Mac, Linux, PS Vita, PS4, and Wii U around July 2014. However, it hasn't been Greenlit on Steam, yet. That said, the developer would probably appreciate your vote on Steam or Kickstarter pledge.

Liege by John Rhee is inspired by 16-bit era RPGs and is a party-based, turn-based tactical role-playing game trilogy for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, with the first launching around July 2014. The game has almost hit 200% of its funding goal and promises to deliver a mature story that is woven
in with the battles. Therefore, there are no random, grinding fights.

Be sure to check out Liege's Kickstarter for some detailed sprite sheets and samples of the elegant music created. Additionally, vote for Liege on Steam Greenlight if you want it added to the digital distributor's library.