interstellaria.pngIf a picture is worth 1,000 words, Screenshot Saturday is worth about 300,000 words... every week. The website is a marvelous image digest of developers' weekly progress in their games, and it works by simply uploading a photo on Twitter and adding "#ScreenshotSaturday" to a tweet. My goals here are threefold: to pick out interesting screenshots from the hundreds posted, to share the stories behind the screens, and to share tips on effective screenshots.

This is Screenshot Daily.

Jon King of Cold Rice Games and Interstellaria:

The hook: Control a starship and crew while you explore a sandbox universe both in space, and on planets!

I think players will find it pretty unique because it follows a lot of the ship management features in other games with the addition of a more in-depth crew system. They are all unique in terms of look, and "traits" which are either helpful or harmful - but random!

I also think by giving the player the ability to actually go planet side they will have a better sense of an exploration like feeling. In other words, I put more stress on the crewmen to make your ship effective and more pain when you lose one!

Release info: About a year from now for Windows, Mac, and a tablet version down the road.

Screenshot info: I just added in ship graphics. Up until now It was a ship was only rooms, and it was missing its "hull" as it were. In the screenshot, the crewman is eating some food which is important to staying alive!

Here are some earlier iterations:

The devs and tech behind the screens: It's all me :) I do all the programming, art work, and sound. I'm using Unity in combination with Futile for 2D. Most of the pixel art is done in Photoshop. That's about it!

The selection process: I usually try to pick screenshots which allow for the most constructive criticism. I want it to look good, but I'm not waiting until its finished to have people look at it and tell me what they think.

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Pay it forward. What game caught your eye this week? As for what I found most interesting - its not a Twitter post, but I've never heard of it before and it was posted this weekend for a game called "Deadwood" by Steam Roller Studios.

[It's been exactly one year since our Screenshot Saturday experiment ended, and I've been brainstorming ways to elevate this community initiative. That said, Screenshot Daily is as much yours as mine. Let me know the kind of things you'd like to hear or see, and I'll keep iterating on it! Also, for other fine Screenshot Saturday features, check out US Gamer and Indie Statik.]