simondeneprison.png"'Simon and Dene, I worry about them. I lose sleep thinking, are they all right?' 'What do the taps mean?' 'When you're doing it in multiplayer, it feels incredible. I love that,'" is the Peter Molyneux tweeted inspiration for the cooperative rhythm prison simulator Simon & Dene Go to Prison. The game can still be experienced by one player, as the two keys used to communicate through the prison walls are S & D. After the jump I'll spoil how to proceed in the game; otherwise, have at it.

You want to soothe Peter, who is thinking about his prison mates, and the only way to do that is to beat on the walls to the rhythm of the glowing lamp. Be careful, as the light changes its tempo. As the days progress, the characters have an exchange through thought bubbles, though that could just be what the Peter thinks Simon and Dene are talking about in prison.

The developers Adriel Calder, Michael Suen, and Ezra Weller told me that they haven't been able to put in the full ending yet. As it stands, Simon and Dene Go to Prison is a pretty clever idea, no?