Game-inspired hip-hop artist Mega Ran completed his tour of Japan late last month, performing with indie game composers Motohiro Kawashima of Oh, Deer! and Aliceffekt of Hiversaires. The tour has now culminated in a Skulls of the Shogun rap remix, live on Steam today for the first time. Developer 17-BIT's "Bone-A-Fide" Edition of the strategy title will be adding six new multiplayer levels and developer commentary through its updates. Meanwhile, the soundtrack to Skulls of the Shogun by Makyo is available to stream in full on Bandcamp.

Motohiro Kawashima performing during the Mega Ran Japan Tour

Kawashima, the co-composer of Streets of Rage III, performed live renditions of several tracks from Necrosoft's forthcoming "Oh, Deer!" driving game during Mega Ran's tour finale. In a previous interview he described development on the indie game as akin to entering into a new subculture. The musician has written drafts of around ten tracks in an FM synthesis style harkening back to an earlier age of console beat-em-ups.

Aliceffekt has followed up his well-received adventure game Hiversaires with an iOS application called Nataniev. Progress is made by walking, with each step detected by the player's smartphone pedometer. The designer says the app was intended to serve as a casual storytelling toy with an unusual interface, but he was surprised to find that some players walked through the game aggressively enough for Nataniev to function as a cardiovascular fitness enhancer.

Mega Ran will be collaborating with Skullgirls composer Michiru Yamane on an original song, funded through his tour's Kickstarter project. Videos of performances by the Mega Ran Japan Tour's participating artists are available through our YouTube playlist, while photos can be found on our flickr photo set.