Some games take a long time to get together. Indie developer Andrew Bado knows this first hand. Legend of Iya was featured on Indie Games three years ago, but has actually been in the works in some form or another since he was ten-years-old. He is preparing to finish a childhood dream game born 25 years ago and release it on the PC, complete with some of the most stunning pixel art graphics seen in some time.

The game is an open-world platformer, or Metroidvania for those familiar with its common moniker. The game's twelve-year-old protagonist is inexplicably drawn into a mysterious and unfamiliar world full of strange and terrible creatures. Defending yourself will be key to survival, so expect to put the main character's approximately-500 frames of animation to good use through the fist-based combat system, especially when faced with the game's many boss fights. Getting home is the main objective, and while it sounds a lot like a Wizard of Oz-inspired tale, Bado is insistent that there's more to it beneath the surface.

The goal is to have the game finished and released by the end of the year, so long as the Kickstarter campaign is a success. The game is also vying for a spot on Steam via Greenlight, and a demo is planned to appear before the Kickstarter ends in mid-August.