the color gray.pngDeveloper Chris Savory of December Studios wrote in to share a different kind of mobile adventure game he's working on: The Color Gray. When his team discussed what they enjoyed the least about the genre, they agreed on puzzles. In The Color Gray, this genre staple has been substituted with morally gray choices, which greatly affect the story and the characters. "We felt that the puzzles would actually break the immersion. Frustration would set in, or even worse, we'd get stuck and stop playing. Could we remove these puzzles and still create an interesting experience? We thought we'd try," Chris says.

The result of their efforts, in the form of a trailer, is after the jump.

The choice to leave the guy alone or shoot him in the head didn't seem too gray to me, but I don't know the context, yet. I dig the cyberpunk, dystopian setting December Studios has going on. I also like the use of heavy shadows in some of the cut scenes, but I almost wish the developer opted for the art style fond in the title photo above.

None of that adds up to knowing if the game will be a worthwhile experience, but we'll know soon enough because The Color Gray will hit Android and iOS in August 2013.