The horror at MS aurora.pngSwedish group 12 O'Clock Studios has begun its Steam Greenlight campaign for interactive horror drama set at sea The Horror at MS Aurora, scheduled for Windows and Mac this year. The dev team says on its blog that The Horror at MS Aurora will be "no longer than your average friday-night horror flick." The developers cite Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead as inspirations and explain that Aurora will have interactive cinematics, where making choices and outcomes will vary depending on choice and performance.

The trailer is available after the jump.

I hope the developers pull off a "short, intense, and immersive" experience, and that it sets a trend for many games to follow. If the price is equal to a movie ticket, I'll gladly pay admission if it doesn't let up in action or suspense and avoids piling in filler missions or levels just to make a game long.

[source: The Horror at MS Aurora on Steam Greenlight]