timeknight1.png"I wish I had some time machine and could go back two weeks. You live by your mistakes, for sure." That quote from Peter Molyneux provides the setup for Time Travel Knight, a superb MolyJam entry from Colombian duo Glitchy Pixel (Best Friends Fighter). You are a knight who has just awoken in a ruined world, having survived an enormous explosion. Near you is a time machine with a note attached.

Now you have a chance to determine the nature of the catastrophe and try to prevent it. You can't remember what happened in the future due to an amnesia-like effect of time travel, but you are the only one who can change the course of events. You have 14 days to make things right. In-game time passes quickly, and on the 15th day you will witness the results of your actions (or inaction) and find out if you were successful in your quest.

You must solve a series of non-linear puzzles in preparation for the fateful 15th day. Move about the small map with the arrow keys and swing your sword, talk, or perform other actions with the spacebar. There are objects to find and characters to give them to, as well as shady enemies to fight. Killing an enemy will give you gold coins, which are essential to your endeavor. If you are hit, you will be stunned for a few seconds. There is no loss of life; time is the only thing you lose. Can you make the right decisions and get things in their proper places before time runs out? If not, you'll be sent back in time again, armed with new knowledge of at least one of the ways in which the kingdom can fall.

Play Time Travel Knight in your browser or download a standalone version for Windows.