[Update: Rocky Hong, the creator of the free browser version of Magnetized, has responded to say that his game was cloned by Connect Media UG, the creator of this XBLIG version of Mangetized. We are attempting to reach out to Connect Media UG for further comment. The original follows.]

Minimal button pressing is all the rage on XBLIG lately, and Magnetized is continuing the trend. This puzzle game asks the player to use just one button to navigate its levels. It sounds simple but it can get pretty tricky.

As each level begins, the square you'll need to direct through the levels is floating horizontally or vertically, indefinitely. Pressing the A button engages a tractor beam from whichever node you may be closest to, drawing the box closer toward it. The blue nodes work on a radial basis. As the cube comes closer to its point of attraction, it changes the angle at which it floats. This allows you to change direction and get around corners. The purple nodes pull the cube closer, but do not change its direction. Finally, yellow nodes allow for teleportation, meaning you can go through walls and past obstacles. These elements are simple on their own, but eventually combine into some pretty mind-twisting setups. The object of escaping without crashing into the walls is easy to grasp but requires some real finesse from your digits.

While the browser version Magnetized has a thumping electronica soundtrack, the XBLIG version curiously has no music at all. There's a pretty contrasting mood between the two games because of this, and the tension this adds to the console edition can not be denied. It's available now on the XBLIG marketplace for 80 Microsoft points ($1).