Frog The Door was one of the first developers to show me the potential of XBLIG with the simple-yet-sweet Alawishus Pixel. Now, three years later, Vintage Hero is coming to XBLIG as a love letter to NES action platformers.

An alien invasion takes the planet by storm, but Giga Man is more concerned with robot nightlife than continuing to be Earth's protector. Enter Floyd, an unassuming janitor at a county jail and the game's playable character. It's through his jumpsuited sprite you'll tackle the game's six stages and 25 different types of enemies to rescue humanity as we know it.

Several weapons and powerups will be made available as you play, which will help kill enemies and bypass obstacles, while experience points will bolster your strength and defense. Like the NES-era action platformers this game is inspired by, these elements will surely be a big help during its seven boss battles. Vintage Hero launches on XBLIG on Wednesday, July 24 for a price of 80 Microsoft Points ($1).