Bill Tiller's post-Lucasarts game development days probably haven't been what he imagined them to be. A Vampyre Story was an unfinished and mostly uninspired game (it did though do look brilliant) that failed to take off, his piratey voodoo point-and-clicker was polished but went unnoticed and that crowdfunding attempt really didn't change things. Hopefully then, the forthcoming point-and-click attempt on the iPad will do the trick: The Perils of Man.

It will be an episodic adventure exclusively developed for iPad by screenwriter Stephen Beckner, the aforementioned Mr. Tiller and IF Games; a former boutiqe animation team turned game dev studio. The thing's first trailer was bound to look lovely and, dare I say, actually exciting.

The game should be available this October. For now, you can only keep an eye out for The Perils of Man via its facebook page.