Gentlemen_81813.pngBecause your friends and you don't have enough ways to get angry at each other through video games, Lucky Frame has released the formerly Android and iOS only Gentlemen! on Windows and Mac. This local multiplayer deathmatch game is frantic and fast-paced for up to four people.

There isn't a whole lot to the base concept of Gentlemen!, so it's easy to start picking your friends off once you get the basics down. Players can move left and right, and can flip upside-down to walk along the ceiling. They can also attack other players, or pick up power ups from randomly generated boxes. These could be anything from bombs that shoot outward and explode to an invincibility shield that prevents harm from befalling you.

Aside from keyboard and controller support, this version also sports a few new levels. There is a Windows demo and Mac demo available now. You can pick up the full version through the Humble Store for $5.